5 Essential Vehicle Checks Before Driving This Winter

Despite the so-called ‘temperate’ climate of the UK, it can be bitterly cold as early as September, and as late as April, and snowy Easters are by no means a total rarity – all of which keeps breakdown recovery providers busy throughout the year.

With up to two thirds of the year posing challenging driving conditions, it’s important to be prepared before setting out on any long journey, if you are to avoid needing roadside assistance.

This is true whether you face rain, fog, snow or ice – any could create traffic congestion and delays, which in turn puts your vehicle under extra strain.

Here are five essential winter driving checks that should help to keep you on the road for longer, without the aid of a breakdown recovery service.

1. Tyres

Always make sure your tyres are in a good state of repair, with good tread depth, no side wall bulges, and that they hold the correct amount of pressure.

Top them up with air if you are setting out on a long journey, or if your car is more heavily loaded than usual, and you can make sure it handles as expected.

2. Windscreen

Have any minor chips looked at promptly; they may seem like nothing, but if water freezes inside the chip, it can expand and worsen the damage.

Also check that your internal fans and heated windscreens are all working properly, so you can quickly eliminate any condensation or fogging while out and about.

. Engine

There are so many things to remember here, but the key is to keep your engine tuned up and topped up.

Fresh oil, antifreeze and filled-up windscreen washers are just the starting point, so give your engine a regular onceover to fix any ongoing maintenance issues, and it should get you to your destination with fewer problems.

4. Fuel

It might sound stupid, but running out of fuel on a long journey is one of the most basic errors you can make – and plenty of the most experienced of drivers still do it.

If you are heading to an unfamiliar area, where you will not immediately know where to fill up, keep your tank topped up a little higher – particularly if you usually run it low to help your fuel efficiency.

5. Emergency Kit

If something does go wrong, you might be left waiting for roadside assistance, and however promptly the breakdown recovery team arrives, that can be an uncomfortable wait.

Make sure you have an emergency kit in your car – extra clothes and blankets to stay warm, a torch for if it is dark, and reflective warning triangles to place in the road ahead of your car.

On some roads it can be safer to leave your vehicle and stand on the verge or embankment, so make sure you can wrap up warm and stay safe and dry if this is the case.

Why Should I Scrap My Car?

Vehicle recycling can be bittersweet and evoke a mix of emotions. Your reliable (or maybe not so reliable!) companion has probably seen you through many adventures and you may be sad to have to send it to the big scrapyard in the sky. Here at Robcliffe, we make the process of scrap car recycling as simple as possible and will alleviate any concerns you may have.

As we all try to take a greener, more environmentally friendly approach to our lives, recycling is becoming the norm. Scrap car recycling is highly beneficial to the environment; the dismantling of unwanted cars yields spare parts where available and reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill. Once spare parts and hazardous materials have been removed, scrap cars are crushed and the metal is recycled. As cars typically comprise approximately 65% steel and iron this has a big impact when it comes to mining for new metal ores. Less mining is required thereby protecting our natural resources. As mining uses up more energy than recycling, you can rest assured that scrapping your car is positively beneficial to the environment.

Being green is all well and good, but what about some advantages to you for scrapping your car? Well, the answer is simple – you can make a nice little earner with the minimum of effort.

Robcliffe provide a safe and legal method of scrapping your car without the hassle. You can either bring your car down to our custom built site in Huyton or give us a call on 0808 149 7183 and we’ll come and collect it from you. You’ll be paid by your preferred method, be it cash card, bank transfer or cheque and we’ll provide you with a certificate of destruction which ensures everything has been properly deregistered with the DVLA. We are fully compliant with the European End of Life (ELV) Directive giving you peace of mind that your scrap car will have the minimal adverse environmental impact possible. What’s more, if you’re unsure how much your car might be worth, get a quick quote by filling in the form on our website.

So, it may be that you are buying a new car and have an unwanted motor that needs removing to free up space outside your home. Alternatively your car may have failed its MOT and you need to make a bit of money from it in order to fund a new one. Whatever your circumstances are, when it comes to scrap car recycling, Robcliffe is the place to come if you want a top price for your scrap car.

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The Problems With Annual Breakdown Cover

Rely on Robcliffe’s Roadside Assistance.

With Christmas fast approaching, we’re all watching our pennies and being extra careful with our money so we have plenty to spend on the upcoming festivities. Breakdown cover is one of those expenses that a lot of us could do without and with the high prices that the big well-known companies are charging, it’s hardly surprising.

The national companies charge you an annual fee if you sign up with them as a member. However they sign you up to annual agreements and often increase the price considerably in the second year and thereafter. Unless you opt for a premium package, parts and labour are often charged out as extra and you’re left wondering why you bother paying this annual fee. If you don’t already have a roadside assistance agreement in place and call out a company such as The AA or RAC to assist in vehicle recovery when you break down, the charges are much, much higher.

So if you break down in the North-West, instead of grudgingly forking out your well-earned cash to line the pockets of the big cheeses of the national roadside assistance companies, why not rely on Robcliffe Roadside Assistance instead?

We offer highly competitive prices and aim to be with you in one hour. You don’t have to be a member of a breakdown company, saving you paying those annual fees, and we’re ready 24/7 to come and rescue you in your hour of need. We also offer special garage rates for recovered vehicles saving you even more money!

Visit our Roadside Assistance page for more information and store our number in your phone (0808 252 7099) so that you’re prepared if the worst does happen and you require Robcliffe’s trusty vehicle recovery service.

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Roadside Assistance Services In The North West

“We Won’t Leave You Out In The Cold!”

With the night drawing in and longer and darker mornings we have definitely seen the end of one of the best Summers to grace our lands in many a year.

“Winter Is Coming!” (A quote for all our Game Of Thrones fans)

Roadside Assistance

Fortunately though, in Liverpool winter doesn’t last for 5 years and we won’t be susceptible to the threat of the living dead ‘White Walkers’ stealing our souls or Dragons being summoned onto our Kingdom.

We however are faced by a much tougher reality. That of the ‘Winter Breakdown’!

Frozen engines due to lack of anti-freeze, stripping the teeth off your cambelt and causing engine damage after trying to start your car with a frozen waterpump, frozen door locks and seals along with a plethora of other winter terrorisations are all threats that we will experience as commuting warriors of the asphalt.

Alas, Robcliffe Roadside Assistance are the metaphoric Aspirin to your motoring induced headache. Offering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Roadside Assistance services we won’t leave you out in the cold. By working alongside all the big name rescue services you will be safe in the knowledge that Robcliffe will deal with your breakdown quickly and efficiently.

It’s almost a certainty that when your vehicle breaks down it will be in the worst possible circumstances. But what is a certainty is that if you call us the minute you find yourself in trouble, we’ll be there to rescue you fast!

So call us on 0808 252 7099 or visit our Roadside Assistance page for more information on our trust and reliable Breakdown Services.

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Best Price For Scrap Cars In Liverpool & Manchester

Trying to sell an old, unwanted or scrap car can be a gruelling process which reaps little reward given the time and effort involved. In some cases the car can be sat on your drive for weeks, or even months, while you are waiting for a buyer.

However, government initiatives are now meaning that more people are choosing to go down the route of vehicle recycling… and in the North West this means contacting Robcliffe Scrap Cars – Liverpool and Manchester. We make getting rid of your old and unwanted car a stress free affair!

So, how do Robcliffe make scrapping your car so easy…?

First it starts with you, the customer. You can either drive your car down to us at our custom built vehicle recycling facility in Huyton, Liverpool, or alternatively call our office on 0808 252 7099 and we’ll come and collect the car from wherever you are. In some cases we could be there within half an hour…

When it comes to giving you a quote for the car, we won’t quote a price we don’t mean. The price we offer is the price we pay! Furthermore, what makes us different from other Scrap Car firms is that we still pay you in CASH. That’s right… CASH… £££££!

There was a cash ban enforced across the metal recycling industry in December 2012 which means metal recycling processors can no longer pay cash for scrap metal. However, as our services span many different industries we can legally avoid the cash ban and still pay cash for vehicle recycling.

So that’s it. We have your vehicle and you have your cash! Easy as that…

So next time you’re unsure of what to do with your old banger, call us at Robcliffe Scrap Cars – Liverpool and Manchester on 0808 252 7099 or visit our website and fill out our contact form and well get in touch with you.

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DVLA Tax Discs


With DVLA officials becoming stricter with clamp down on untaxed vehicles, it would be wise to tax your vehicles in the first place to avoid problems.

But almost a dozen of untaxed cars in Bradford has failed to follow regulations and as a result, they have been clamped or impounded.

The DVLA has confirmed that within the last week contractors has taken action against 79 cars.

You can pay for your DVLA Tax Disc online or by phone if you:

  • are the registered keeper of the vehicle and your name, address and vehicle details are up-to-date with DVLA
  • have your V11 reminder letter (V85/1 for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)) or V5C registration certificate
  • have valid insurance
  • have an MOT, Goods Vehicle or Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) test (if needed) – this must be valid when the tax disc starts
  • have a debit or credit card

But if taxing your car is not an issued and you want to get rid of your old motor then you may be interested in scrapping your car. You can get cash for your old card in as little as an hour! Robcliffe provides safe and legal means of scrapping your car without the hassle.

Check out our Robcliffe homepage for more details.

Where To Book An MOT In Liverpool?

Failing an MOT in Liverpool can be avoided by the right prep work before submitting your car. If you have recently received a failure notice, we can bring your vehicle back up to standards and get you back on the road fast.

We offer the cheapest MOT in Liverpool for all cars and light commercial vehicles. We are fully equipped to test classes IV and VII. If your vehicle fails, we can offer full and immediate repair and service facilities.


At either of our locations in Liverpool or Huyton you will find a team of experienced mechanics ready to help you. All work is clearly quoted before repairs are carried out or parts are fitted. We cater for all aspects of garage work just call 0151 909 4345 to arrange!

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The Best And Cheapest MOT in Liverpool

We provide the cheapest MOT in Liverpool with great reputation and reliability. But out services aren’t just limited to M.O.T.
We also offer repairs an cater for all aspects of garage work.

(from £75 + Parts + VAT)

You should never underestimate the real value of maintaining a professional service schedule. A well-serviced vehicle holds its value better, minimises the chances of nasty, unexpected breakdowns and can even save you money on fuel efficiency.

Engine & Gearbox
Replacement & Repairs

Whatever your engine problem, we can investigate & offer a no-obligation quote from repairs to complete replacement with one of our used, warranted units if necessary.

Clutch Replacement
(from £200 + VAT)

Clutch repair and replacement can be a lengthy and challenging job, so let us take it on for you. We’ll have it done quickly and safely – we are the experts, after all!

(from £45 + VAT)

Today’s engine management problems can virtually be impossible to identify without the correct skills and specialist diagnostic equipment. Let us find out what ails your vehicle and fix it fast!


Today’s roads are hard on bodywork. From complete vehicle refinishing to minor dents & scratches, we can get your vehicle back on the road looking like new again. Our dust free spray booth & low-bake oven ensures all repairs are blemish-free & completed to the highest possible standards. We are happy to provide FREE written estimates for Insurance purposes.


We can’t overstate the importance of having your brakes in tiptop condition at all times. Both our sites are equipped with roller brake-testing machines to test brake efficiency and effectiveness.

Put your brakes on next time you’re passing and call in for a check up or drop an email to us garage@robcliffe.co.uk


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Reliabe Roadside Assistance In Liverpool

We won’t leave you out in the cold

Its almost a certainty – when your vehicle breaks down, it will inevitably be in the worst possible conditions and at the worst possible time. But what IS a certainty is that if you call us the minute you find yourself in trouble, we’ll be there to rescue you – fast.

No breakdown cover required – If you’re not a member of one of the national breakdown companies, it’s not a problem. We’re ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get you out of trouble quickly and cheaply.

We work with all the big name roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services, so you can be sure we can deal with your problem efficiently, without undue fuss.

With a fleet of 10 vehicles, Robcliffe roadside assistance are well equipped to carry out most types of recovery. If you’re in and around the Northwest, we aim to arrive within an hour of the initial call out.

Ask us about our special garage rates for recovered vehicles, you’ll be glad you did!

We currently work with:

  • Green Flag
  • Britannia Rescue
  • Mondial Assistance
  • Europ Assistance
  • Equity Red Star
  • Auto Rescue Logistics
  • Call Assist
  • Inter Partner Assistance

For more details about what we do, freephone us on 0808 252 7099

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Vehicle Repossession Liverpool

A discrete, professional immobilization service.

Using unbranded recovery vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art ANPR technology, the company can recover vehicles that are wanted for a number of reasons by official agencies. Our vehicle repossession operatives are fully SIA trained and licensed.

Our Street lifter recovery vehicles guarantee damage free recoveries.

Recovered to our constantly monitored compound – with a capacity of 300 vehicles.

Disposal via destruction or auction – We’ll even help enhance the vehicle value by ensuring vehicles are clean, tidy and Repaired if necessary.

Please contact us on 0151 482 4520 to discuss the services we can provide, including immobilization, extraction, storage, transportation and disposal.

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